Once upon a time, in Scanno, a village in the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park, there were a lace maker and a goldsmith. The two craftsmen, couple in work as in life, decided to make the tradition current and modern.

Thanks to Federica's skill in working the bobbin and Francesco's experience in the goldsmith's field, in 2012 Il Gioiello del Tombolo, a unique and never existed patented brand, was born.

The completely handmade creations are the result of two innovative methods that the two craftsmen have studied, invented and perfected over the years: the Micro bobbin method, defined by them and the perforated metal anchoring system for textile works.

Years of tradition, hard work, experimentation and passion are contained in each Gioiello del Tombolo which creation takes days, weeks and sometimes months.

The Tombolo jewels are more unique than rare precious pieces which, winking at the ancient techniques of the lace makers of the past, project their essence into the future.


Federica Silvani
was born in Sulmona. She has always known that art and creativity would have been part of her life. With a degree in philosophy, a training in artistic restoration and music studies, after a period of teaching and working in public administration, she approached the magical world of the ancient art of Tombolo by learning the technique by two Artisan Masters of Scanno. In 2012 she organized her first exhibition of Tombolo works and, right after, she gave life to what is today her main activity: Il Gioiello del Tombolo.


Francesco Rotolo
born in Scanno, had learned and fallen in love with the goldsmith's art by watching his father Dino working. Starved of new adventures, at the age of twenty, he began his "journey" of training around the world, first in Vicenza, one of the leading cities in the gold and jewelery market in Italy and in Europe, and then in the suggestive Manhattan. The professionalism and experience gained in these years lead him to achieve important national and international goals such as the creation of the jewel medal for the XVI edition of the "Mediterranean Games", an event in which 23 Nations participate. In 2012 he began with Federica his new adventure with Il Gioiello del Tombolo.

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