Federica creates the drawing and then fixes it on the pillow and with the use of the bobbins, in which she has previously wrapped a particular wire, she begins to plot. When she ends the lace, Federica gives it to the goldsmith Francesco Rotolo who produces the structure called "perforated metal anchoring system for textile works".
This system develops along the perimeter of the bobbin creation. Having completed his work, Francesco hands them to Federica, who, with a needle and metal wire, applies the pillow-shaped creation to that of the goldsmith.

The principle that inspired this undertaking is: the goldsmith in support of the lace maker. The result of this synergy are the creations of "IL GIOIELLO DEL TOMBOLO", jewels that did not exist and are protected by a PATENT.

The PATENT protects, in particular, the "Perforated metal anchoring system for textile works". System that comes with a threefold function: make wearable items plotted, protect them from wear and enhance them aesthetically. The System can be made in Gold (yellow, white, red) or in Silver.

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